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Camouflage Subaru Badge

This project was written and submitted by member 96imprezal

Ok so this is a pretty easy and sweet design I came up with for the star badge.

First, lets get the badge off the grille. I used a blow dryer and held it over the badge for about 10 minutes. You may have to heat it a little more then that, but once you get it nice and hot, use something thin like fishing line (which is what i used) or strong floss or something to pry it off the grille nice and slow. To get the adhesive and paint off, I used laquer thinner, which I bought at home depot. It worked great for taking off the paint. Now that the badge is clear with chrome stars, we can start to think about what colors we want. I chose hot pink and black. It would probably have turned out better if I added white. So yea it's probably best to use 3 colors. Time to get some designs :). I took regular notebook paper and googled camo designs and camo templates, etc... and then saved the picture. I then opened the picture and made it small enough to where I could trace some of the designs. I would trace more then you think you may need, just in case.

Paper Camo This next part requires some masking tape, make sure whatever tape you use has a paper like surface so you can write on it with a pen. I took the roll of tape, layed the designs from the paper on top of the tape, and traced over them making an indentation in the tape. Then fill in the indention with the pen. Trust me, you will need to do this or it will be hard to see what you are cutting out.

Tape Camo 1 Now that you have all of your designs on the tape, it time to cut them out. I used a razor blade, which worked out really nice, but anything sharp blade to get the traced camo designs out will work. Once you start cutting them out, place them onto the back of the badge in the places you creative :).

Tape Camo 2
Tape Camo 3
Badge 1
Now that we have all of our cut-outs on the badge, we are almost ready to paint. The only thing left to do before painting, is to cover the front and sides of the badge with tape so the over spray will not ruin the other parts of the badge.

Badge 2
Badge 3
Now we can paint. I went for a hot pink and black camo badge so I started out with the hot pink paint. I sprayed about 5 coats of pink letting each coat dry a minute before respraying.

Badge 4
After that has dried, we now have to carefully remove the tape that we placed on the badge. I removed them with my sisters tweezers haha. There may be some adhesive from the tape but I used goo gone and q-tips and it came off easily and didn't mess up the paint at all.

Paint Badge Then I moved onto the black paint. I sprayed about 5 coats of that doing the same as before, giving each coat about a minute to dry ( I dont have any pics of me painting the black part but you get the idea). I used 4 more coats of pink ontop of the black to give it an all around pink look, then let that dry. I used around 4 coats of clear for maximum protection from 3M tape or glue for when you install on your grille again. Let dry for several hours before installing.

Paint Badge 2 Take off the tape and wha-la you have a full custom one of a kind camo badge. This was the first badge I ever painted so I'm sure I can do better next time. If you have any questions PM me (96imprezal on


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