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2.5rs Carbon Fiber Lip - Page 3

Now that you have the basic shape mocked up you are ready to start using bondo! This stuff is great! Start off by sanding the fiberglass a little just scratching the surface making rough for the bond to stick, now I applied Bondo to the entire lip, just before doing this I trimmed all the excess fiberglass cloth and overhang material off using a rot zip and hacksaw. Applying the bond press it hard on the fiberglass to fill all the scratches and holes, now after covering the entire thing, let it dry ~30 mines or soÖI managed to cook lunch between the drying of the Bondo. Now that its dry whip out our 80 grit paper and go to the Bondo making a somewhat smooth layer on top of the fiberglass. Do this to the spots that need leveling. Make sure you have no hills or holes on the fiberglass. They will stick out! After completing the 80 grit, move onto 250 grit. By now the entire lip should be smooth and ready for the next layer. Donít go onto the next step until all the holes, cracks and hills are gone! During Bondo Stage:

Now that we are completed with the Bondo, put a layer or two of Black Primer on the top layer, this points out the little cracks and holes really well. Be sure to use easy sand primer spray. Fill the holes and sand away.

Now that we are done with primer, let it dry. Follow this up with some lube, lube the top layer really well with Vaseline, and make sure to cover the whole thing. Or you can use several applications of wax, something thick though. I used Carbons Turtle wax with about 5 layers of wax on top of the primer. This will help later on when you separate the carbon fiber mold from the fiberglass. Or in your case if you want one piece and are not going to make duplicates, donít apply wax or lube or anything!

Dark picture, after primer:

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