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2.5rs Carbon Fiber Lip - Page 2

This is where the fun starts. Get your respirator out and lots of gloves! First clean off a nice area and mat it down with cardboard or plastic on the floor, resin sticks to everything especially clothing, my brother was wondering what the white mystery stains on my pants were the following morning.

I donít have pictures of the actual process involving me placing the cloth on the foam and painting it with resin. So ill describe it to you as best I can. First clean off the foam board using a wet towel be sure to make sure to let the foam dry off before applying any cloth and resin, also it doesnít matter if you cover the entire foam with fiberglass this specific foam is water resistant and can take the abuse, although after a few years of winter and rain it may start to deteriorate, so be sure to close it up well.

Now for the application of fiberglass, Be SURE TO PRE-CUT the cloth prior to pasting it on the foam, this is so you donít touch resin on the clean cloth making it sticky and already having a possibility of drying out on the cloth. So precut always. After cutting the cloth into pieces about 3Ēx 8Ē make a pile near your work area easily accessible from the lip so you can do piece after piece before letting it dry. The resin has about 15 mines of play time before it gets sticky and will be hard to work with so be sure to work fairly quickly.

Have several plastic or hard paper cups available at all times, fill about 5 of them up with resin only about 3-4 tablespoons worth. DONíT ADD the hardener until you decide to apply the epoxy within the next minute, it will start curing and be impossible to work with. After you have the cups filled with epoxy add hardener to the first cup, I used a 3:1 ratio epoxy so for every three tablespoons of epoxy one tablespoon of hardener. After mixing the two, be sure to stir it throughly. Epoxy requires equal parts resin to hardiner that are blended well or else the epoxy will not fully cure. Now as far as the application goes, applying enough epoxy/hardener mix to the foam board to cover the area you have cut out in fabric, as soon as you apply epoxy to the foam apply the cloth onto. Now work it onto the foam and be sure to have no bubbles or white spots visible the whole piece of cloth should be damp with epoxy. Do not overdue it so it causes drips of glue, this will look terrible in the end and will be sanded down anyways. After completing the first piece of cloth work to the sides and be sure to cover the whole foam board lip, or everything you wish to be made of fiberglass. After applying the cloth over the entire surface, let it cure 5-9 hours for my particular epoxy mixture. After letting it cure and it's hard, sand it down enough to leave scratches in the glassing, I used 80 grit anti-clog papers. After you sand, apply another layer just like the last, start in the middle and work out to the sides. Repeat this process until youíve built up a few layers, I went to 6 layers of fiberglass.

Here is what it looked like after the glassing:

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