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2.5rs Carbon Fiber Lip

This project was written and submitted by RS25.com member robk0000

The lip I wanted to make:


~2" Foam board, used for insulating concrete, 4x8 sheets - Home Depot-$20
~Sandpaper, drywall (works well on the foam) 80, 120, 500, 1000, 1500 grit, - Home Depot - $20
~Fiberglass cloth material, 4 little bags 36"x36" - Home Depot - $30
~Carbon Fiber cloth material 3 sq yrds, Composites USA - $145
~404 Epoxy Resin - Composites USA - $30
~404 Clear Gel Resin - Composites USA - $30
~404 Epoxy Hardener 3:1 Ratio - Composites USA - $20
~Paintbrushes 1" & 2" - qt 20 - Home Depot - $20
~plastic spatulas for pushing air bubbles out - Home Depot - $10
~20+ hours of intense work on this - DIY GARAGE IN MY HOME - PRICELESS!

So thatís the list of materials, now letís get down to the actual lip. I chose something way too advanced for carbon fiber, especially since this is my first project involving these materials. The picture above is what I planned on, yet it turned out to be very basic and looks awesome in the end.

After approximately 30 mines of mooch up using masking tape and cardboard, to place a general picture of what I wanted on the car, I decided this would be very hard to replicate on CF material. So we cut back on the open vent area in the bumper and went with a low profile Sit Limited type CF lip.

After making a direct copy of my bumper on cardboard, I traced the pattern onto the foam board and started cutting and sanding; this was a short but important step that gave shape to the lip.

Foam Lip after sanding:

Taped up with masking tape:

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